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Protect your smartphone and tablet against malware, virus, spyware, trojan, phishing attempts , web surf control, privacy data backup and restore, lost and find device controls with Trustlook Antivirus Security - full featured Android™ mobile security solution

App features
✔ AntiVirus and AntiSpyware
Scan and Remove virus, malware, spyware and trojan application and vulnerability detection for critical exploits such as Heartbleed, FakeID, Privacy Disaster and Shellshock.
✔ Speed boost with memory cleaning
To release more garbage to boost phone performance with one simple click.
✔ Data Backup & Restore
To Backup your critical data including contacts, call logs and SMS messages.
✔ Locate and Find Phone and AntiTheft
To Locate & Alarm your lost phone. Find your lost or stolen device by ring, alarm and flash your device even in silent mode and dark night.
✔ Family Security
Seamlessly integrates web content filtering in your android device and protects you from malicious or phishing websites that host spyware, adware or adult content. Safe browsing is secured.
✔ Privacy Manager
To monitor which app reserved permissions to track your GPS location, monitor your SMS and phone calls.
✔ Wearable Device Support
Seamlessly support for Google Wearable Devices like LG watch and Moto 360. You can use voice command to check phone safety status or boost your phone

Highlight of Trustlook AntiVirus Security FREE
► Top-rank AntiVirus and AntiSpyware scanner engine to check malicious apps/virus
► Prevent virus, phishing and inappropriate websites
► Find your lost phone or tablet on a map with remote locate
► Trigger a scream alarm sound to quickly find your missing device
► Remotely lock your device to prevent data theft
► Wipe all the information remotely from your device to protect privacy loss
► Automatically saves your device location when the battery is low
► Backup your critical data to keep personal data safe
► Sync, backup and restore contacts, call records and SMS across your mobile devices
► Web Security Filter to protect your internet browsing from phishing and malicious websites
► Task manager to boost device performance- one easy tap to speed up mobile performance
► Application manager- easily share or uninstall applications with one tap
► Privacy manager- view and manager application permissions
► Minimum system battery and CPU usage

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